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​Welcome to The Physio Initiative


Established by local Port Macquarie physio Anna Chilko, we are a practice offering one to one therapy and exercise training with individual treatment rooms and a fully equipped gym. We offer specialised services in Women's Health, Lymphoedema and Cancer management in addition to our extensive experience in injury management. We also offer small group strength and balance classes.


At The Physio Initiative we believe in prevention, remedy and maintenance to help you achieve an active lifestyle.


We are first and foremost a provider of healthcare services for injury management and prevention. If you sprain it, twist it, stretch it, tear it, break it or wear it out -we’ll fix it. But we can also give you the strategies to prevent it.

Don't put it off. Come and see how we can help you live well. 


The Physio Initiative difference

You have our full attention with one to one therapy for your entire treatment

Our treatment is evidence based using manual therapies and exercises. We do not routinely use electrotherapy machines unless they are clinically indicated

We want you to feel comfortable in a situation that may have you feeling a little vulnerable which is why we have private, individual treatment rooms, not curtained cubicles. 

Opening Hours     
7am to 5pm Monday to Friday
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